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Basic Facts

Did you purchase, lease, or rent any medium or heavy trucks during the years 1997 to 2011?
There was a pricing-fixing conspiracy among leading truck manufacturers during that time period that may have caused you to overpay for your trucks.
This includes not only trucks purchased from cartel members MAN, Daimler, Volvo/Renault, Iveco, DAF and Scania, but also from other truck manufacturers who may not have participated.
The European Commission has fined the truck cartel over 3.8 billion EUR. The overcharges caused by similar international cartels range from 10-20% and 30-33%.

Do you know that you may be entitled to full compensation (including interest) for the amounts you overpaid? All purchasers, leasers, or renters of trucks over six tonnes during the time period 1997 to 2011 are entitled to seek compensation from the Truck Cartel for any damages they may have incurred.
We are Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery and we were established to help you recover the amounts you were overcharged by the Truck Cartel. We have retained experienced legal counsel and leading economists to help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

bureau Brandeisis the largest litigation-only firm in the Netherlands with a special focus on cartel damages litigation.

Crowell & Moringis recognized as a top global antitrust practice by legal and industry journals with extensive experience pursuing cartel damages in both the United States and Europe, and will provide support and assistance as to specific cartel members.

The Law Offices of Francis O. Scarpulla has recovered billions of dollars for consumers worldwide since 1970.

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We have retained experienced lawyers and leading economists to help you.

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There are no upfront costs or risks for entities that decide to join our group. Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery is compensated only upon success and as a percentage of any recovery in order to cover costs and compensate attorneys and experts.
Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery is permitted under Dutch law to receive assignments of claims in exchange for an agreement to prosecute and return proceeds to the assignors. This allows us to aggregate the claims of a large group of cartel victims in a single action and serve as the plaintiff in that litigation. This means that we (and not you) bear the brunt of the litigation burdens, including funding the litigation, hiring the lawyers, retaining the experts, and negotiating with the cartel members.

Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery has retained a team of experienced lawyers and economists to help pursue the claims of entities that decide to join our group. We have retained bureau Brandeis, an Amsterdam-based law firm specialized in complex litigation, to serve as our litigators. Additionally, Crowell & Moring LLP and the Law Offices of Francis O. Scarpulla, two international law firms with extensive experience in pursuing damages from global price-fixing cartels, have agreed to provide support and assistance, each as to specific cartel members.

Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery will assert claims on behalf of the entities that decide to join our group in the Dutch court system. The Netherlands is a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction with extensive prior experience with large cartel cases, low costs compared to other jurisdictions, and minimal adverse cost risks. In addition, the Netherlands permits claims to be assigned to special purpose vehicles, such as the Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery, and brought in a single, consolidated action that helps to minimize litigation burdens and publicity for individual claimants.